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Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Makijaż'ᴾᴮᴿ

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Leucothoe fontanesiana Makijaż ᴾᴮᴿ Polish cultivar selected from Leucothoe fontanesiana Rainbow by Michal Kaluzinski in 2002. According to the decision of Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) from 2007.02.05, cultivar admitted to the Polish National List (NLI) with number O 2138. According to decision 30742 issued by Community Plant Variety Office from 2011.09.05 ,this cultivar obtained an exclusive protection right in all EU states. In year 2006 Leucothoe fontanesiana Rainbow was awarded with Gold Medal on International Exhibition “Green is Life” and in year 2008 with Bronze Medal on International Trade Show for the tree-nursery industry “Plantarium” in Netherland. This cultivar particularly deserves attention. It is evergreen, dense shrub with multicolored, variegated and narrow leafs, whose color remains all the year. During spring color is creamy-orange, in summer red-rose color appear sand in autumn crimson tones dominate. White, small, bell-shaped flowers appear in May. This shrub looks perfect solitary as well as in group with azaleas, rhododendrons, heathers and lower perennials. It makes perfect color element in any garden. It requires light, acidic soils and sunny, wind-protected place. Pruning is not necessary. Like other ericaceous plants leucothoe forms shallow, very arborescent roots. After 10 years it reaches 50 cm in height and 80 cm of width. It features good hardiness.

  • -After 10 years height (cm): 50
  • -After 10 years width (cm): 80
  • -Habit: Bushy
  • -Location: Sunny
  • -Soil: Acidic pH > 6
  • -Flowering: V

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