The present conditions of sale constitute an integral part of any agreements concluded by the Seller. They come into force with the conclusion of a contract or issuing an invoice, which the Buyer confirms with his or her signature on the contract or invoice. The buyer's conditions do not apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Polish Roots Nursery runs its wholesale from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4p.m., and on Saturdays from 7 a.m to 12 a.m., and on other times after prior arrangement.

The minimum wholesale purchase amount is PLN 2.000 (500 EUR), with a minimum of 10 pieces of a plant species, excluding inoculated plants. On purchasing a larger quantities of plants, please make an arrangement for the anticipated time of the receipt a few days in advance.

In case of full truck load transport orders (TIR type), we provide free transport on the Polish territory. We offer packing plants onto pallets, into boxpallets, and onto multi-storey pallets (similar to Danish containers, only made of wood), which protects the plants for transport. Loading unattached stacked plants is also possible at the express wish of customers. Plants are sent via couriers and the costs related to delivery is taken by the Customer.

The prices are the wholesale net prices. We add VAT to agricultural invoices. However, we also inform you that we are not VAT payers.

The Customers who purchased goods for a total of PLN 5,000 (1250 EUR) in the previous year, as well as the new Customers who have purchased goods for over PLN 5,000 in the current year are offered the discount. Regular Customers may negotiate the payment deadline. Prices in the offer are subject to change.

The Customer is given the possibility to make payments in cash or by transfer made before receiving the goods.

1. Complaints regarding the size, quality and quantity of plants should be submitted at the time of receipt, but no later than 3 days after receipt, in writing or electronically. Some evidentiary material in the form of images should be attached.

2. Further sale of plants made by the Buyer excludes his or her right of complaint to be made to the Seller.

3. The Seller reserves 14 working days to consider the complaint.

4. Lodging a complaint does not suspend the Buyer’s obligation to make payment, regardless of the cause of a complaint. The Buyer may not deduct compensation from any late payments due to the Seller. Awarding compensation does not authorize the Buyer to non-payment of the invoice, the agricultural invoice, or to fail to pay on time.

5. The Seller is financially responsible for faulty goods only to the extent of their value at the time of purchase.

The Seller guarantees quality, but is not responsible for the purchased plants’ rooting, growth and blooming, as it is connected with some external factors that don’t depend on the Seller and are not subject to the Seller’s control. Any advice is given in accordance with our knowledge and goodwill, but no responsibility is taken for its implementation and effects.


1. The varieties marked PBR in the catalog and on documents (ie. the accounts, Goods Issued Notes, etc.) are protected by law. These varieties have been admitted to the Polish National List conducted by the Research Center for Cultivar Testing (COBORU) or are protected by the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO). In view of the above, the Buyer agrees not to reproduce the plants and not to have them bred, as well as to cultivate them and sell under the name given by the breeder. The Buyer also agrees for crops inspection conducted by the Seller, the breeder or his or her representative. The Seller will be selling legally protected varieties together with the authorization to use the right to the variety. The reproduction of plants under legal protection is only possible under a license agreement.

This publication is not an offer under the Articles of the Civil Code. It is alid until stocks are exhausted.

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